1. elzar @ elzar:
  2. J @ josh:
    The only player ever in the server lol
  3. иoobfounded. @ иoobfounded.:
    HLTV the real mvp of LeahGaming
  4. J @ josh:
    ufc 250 tomorrow, you watching J @Jameson THE Savage
  5. J @ Jameson THE Savage:
    remember when we used to play 1.6? good times
  6. vindictive @ vindictive:
    second only to mixing Mac and cheese
  7. vindictive @ vindictive:
    Clapping ass is a glorious sound
  8. Xay @ Xay:
    I will clap Sonic's ass with Metaknight
  9. ws @ ws:
    sonic lover
  10. ws @ ws:
    stfu freak
  11. xs @ xs:
  12. ws @ ws:
  13. M @ Man of the Year:
    miss superhero always had to bind shit
  14. M @ Man of the Year:
    tuff ⬇
  15. blake_won @ blake_won:
    fonzie @fonzie The only thing you'll be boxing tonight is the pizza dough.
  16. blake_won @ blake_won:
    Not as fine as ws @ws, but pretty fine.
  17. blake_won @ blake_won:
    What's broken? It looks fine to me.
  18. CockSmuggler @ CockSmuggler:
  19. CockSmuggler @ CockSmuggler:
    i dont like it like this
  20. CockSmuggler @ CockSmuggler:
    why is the forums broken
  21. fonzie @ fonzie:
    lets get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumble
  22. pichi @ pichi:
    you are like 40 years old.
  23. Crooked @ Crooked:
    Crazy is an old timer now, he and the russians are stuck on CSGO, meanwhile all the hip NA guys know where the real fun is at
  24. elzar @ elzar:
    Jihad @Jihad the switch has flipped with Blake. Triggered by an unknown event
  25. vindictive @ vindictive:
  26. J @ josh:
    Afternoon gam3rs
  27. иoobfounded. @ иoobfounded.:
    Jihad preachin
  28. Jihad @ Jihad:
    wtf are you on about blake .. mentally broken fam get sum help
  29. blake_won @ blake_won:
    " vindictive @vindictive: you guys and your internet lingo, I have no idea what the fuck jihad just said but I will take it as a hello so hello to you too" Yet another good shout.
  30. blake_won @ blake_won:
    If I was running the server, I'd be on the lookout for a head admin. What about my other head admin you ask? What head admin? I demoted him two weeks ago.
  31. blake_won @ blake_won:
    " Crooked @Crooked: if i was running the server id be hosting my 3rd event this weekend". Underrated shout.
  32. blake_won @ blake_won:
    Are they anything alike? I've seen videos of Valorant and it seems nothing like CSGO. It reminds me of the old Superhero mod. vindictive @vindictive knows Superhero mod well.
  33. blake_won @ blake_won:
    " Crazy @Crazy: csgo > valorant. Only good thing about valorant is it makes valve fix cs". Bad Valorant player spotted.
  34. fonzie @ fonzie:
    justice means just us white kids
  35. ivy @ ivy:
    hi guys we should have a cs go comp team :)
  36. elzar @ elzar:
    Thank you Jihad @Jihad
  37. Jihad @ Jihad:
    everything is gonna be alright, everything is gonna be okay elzar @elzar
  38. elzar @ elzar:
    How are my 1 of 32 members this evening
  39. J @ josh:
    pokemon stadium > *
  40. pichi @ pichi:
    Si :)
  41. vindictive @ vindictive:
    Csgo and valorant are both good games, but I think we can all agree cs 1.6 is the best FPS of all time
  42. pichi @ pichi:
  43. pichi @ pichi:
  44. Jules @ Jules:
    Apex > any other BR
  45. pichi @ pichi:
  46. Z @ Zixler #girlgam3rs:
    are valorant and csgo like pubg and fortnite?
  47. Crazy @ Crazy:
    csgo > valorant. Only good thing about valorant is it makes valve fix cs
  48. Jules @ Jules:
    whats with the lack of emojis on the website now ?
  49. Jules @ Jules:
  50. J @ josh:
    rebel event when

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LeahGaming | * Jailbreak:

Hello Leahgamers,

We have just put the last finishing touches on the new JB. This marks the start of a new and exciting chapter for us. Keep in mind the server is still pretty new so if you encounter any oddities/glitches please let Crazy @Crazy , blake_won @blake_won, Lucius @Lucius or myself know so we can make fix them expeditiously.

We've been working tirelessly to bring you guys a new experience that takes some cool TTT elements and adds them into a...

A Shinning New Era is Tiptoeing Nearer. LeahGaming Grand Opening.


It's with great pleasure that we announce the opening of LeahGaming.

Our primary goal is a welcoming environment for all, shaped through member input. Be what you would like to see in the community. As a stepping stone towards that goal we have created the Leah code of conduct. Take some time to familiarize yourself with it. Let us know what you think and what additions you would like to see.

In the coming few days, we plan to release the first LeahGaming server. A follow...

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