1. Jihad @ Jihad:
    they got lots of racism
  2. ws @ ws:
    and mean
  3. ws @ ws:
    british people are aggressive i agree
  4. Jihad @ Jihad:
  5. Jihad @ Jihad:
    but yea they're aggressive
  6. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i like when they start roasting me like holy damn freakin shit i be laughin so bad
  7. Jihad @ Jihad:
    british ppl fun xd
  8. Jihad @ Jihad:
    lmfao i got many friends from uk XD
  9. ws @ ws:
    my British friend told me if I ever moved to london i’d get stabbed. dont go THERE
  10. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i was thinking about UK
  11. ws @ ws:
    I live in a state with the lowest crime rate though
  12. ws @ ws:
  13. ws @ ws:
    I mean
  14. ws @ ws:
    But back when I lived in Oregon my cousin was robbed across the street so maybe
  15. Jihad @ Jihad:
    so it actually depend on the state ?
  16. ws @ ws:
    I’ve never seen any gangs myself I live in a very quiet state
  17. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i meant i'm i wrong about usa ?
  18. ws @ ws:
    Believe in urself u got this
  19. ws @ ws:
    u don’t need my opinion jihad
  20. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i'm i wrong ?
  21. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i don't wanna damage my life , usa got a better chances to work but meh idk
  22. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i meant like usa got lots of gangs and stuff like that
  23. ws @ ws:
    i hope u achieve ur dream, but 4 safety incase ur on a watch list, I am no way associated nor know this man
  24. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i actually can go anywhere on earth but i like canada
  25. Jihad @ Jihad:
    usa aint safe country , canada safer
  26. Jihad @ Jihad:
    yea :D then the cops will ask me to work for them
  27. ws @ ws:
    ur going to hack banks
  28. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i don't want to go usa
  29. Jihad @ Jihad:
    because my uncle live there rn
  30. ws @ ws:
  31. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i will manage to hack every bank there
  32. ws @ ws:
    why CANADA
  33. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i go canada , start a life there
  34. ws @ ws:
    and mayb i will try
  35. ws @ ws:
    what do you plan on doing after you finish school
  36. Jihad @ Jihad:
    you should do some coding :D it grants great feeling
  37. ws @ ws:
    not in the class at least
  38. ws @ ws:
    so no no i did not learn coding
  39. ws @ ws:
    i can barely use inspect element
  40. Jihad @ Jihad:
    best feeling bruv
  41. Jihad @ Jihad:
    holy crap this is like bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  42. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i sit infront the screen looking at the question , deeply thinking in the best way to solve it with interstellar soundtrack inside my head
  43. Jihad @ Jihad:
    you tried a class not coding , did you try coding ? it's pretty cool
  44. Jihad @ Jihad:
    coding is actually amazing :'(
  45. ws @ ws:
    hated it
  46. ws @ ws:
    i hate dit
  47. ws @ ws:
    i tried a computer science class
  48. Jihad @ Jihad:
    computerscience is my life <3
  49. Jihad @ Jihad:
    no i do computer science :D
  50. ws @ ws:

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Hello Leahgamers,

We have just put the last finishing touches on the new JB. This marks the start of a new and exciting chapter for us. Keep in mind the server is still pretty new so if you encounter any oddities/glitches please let Crazy @Crazy ,@blake_won, Lucius @Lucius or myself know so we can make fix them expeditiously.

We've been working tirelessly to bring you guys a new experience that takes some cool TTT elements and adds them into a...

A Shinning New Era is Tiptoeing Nearer. LeahGaming Grand Opening.


It's with great pleasure that we announce the opening of LeahGaming.

Our primary goal is a welcoming environment for all, shaped through member input. Be what you would like to see in the community. As a stepping stone towards that goal we have created the Leah code of conduct. Take some time to familiarize yourself with it. Let us know what you think and what additions you would like to see.

In the coming few days, we plan to release the first LeahGaming server. A follow...

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