1. ninja <3 @ ninja <3:
  2. juampi @ juampi:
  3. Lucius @ Lucius:
    Lethal gave me an in game tag, but I told him to make it “Knife King”, he said no. This really was a fail event lmao
  4. Lucius @ Lucius:
    And @Fury left in the middle cuz he got destroyed
  5. Lucius @ Lucius:
    I didn’t know that only three people were gonna show up lol
  6. franky @ franky:
  7. ws @ ws:
    blake_won @blake_won good morning
  8. blake_won @ blake_won:
    Good morning ws @ws.
  9. fonzie @ fonzie:
  10. иoobfounded. @ иoobfounded.:
    Lucius saw this as an opportunity to claim the title before the real knife gods showed up. :coffee:
  11. ninja <3 @ ninja <3:
    lol who won the knife king?
  12. nick nick:
    Ohhhhh luciam
  13. nick nick:
    liiitttlee ******** boy
  14. nick nick:
    perhaps I ought to show you what you’re worth
  15. nick nick:
    why aren’t u just a little ******* huh Lucius
  16. Lucius @ Lucius:
  17. fonzie @ fonzie:
    That title is about as legitimate as Volkanovski's
  18. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    Well that was quick! Everybody please congratulate Lucius @Lucius your new Knife King!!!
  19. Lucius @ Lucius:
  20. J @ josh:
    how many people are in it
  21. Crooked @ Crooked:
    hopefully its not 32/32 by then
  22. Crooked @ Crooked:
    ill be there late smile
  23. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
  24. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    Knife King event in 40 minutes!!! @ALL Lucius @Lucius
  25. Lucius @ Lucius:
    its in 1 hour right?
  26. Lucius @ Lucius:
  27. fonzie @ fonzie:
    Leahthal @Leahthal, friendly reminder i won't attend
  28. nick nick:
  29. vindictive @ vindictive:
    TTT poppin
  30. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    YOUR friendly reminder the Knife King event will happen today!!! fonzie @fonzie Crazy @Crazy @Jules
  31. Nomer3 @ Nomer3:
    cockgobbler @cockgobbler 嘿,你好吗?
  32. Nomer3 @ Nomer3:
  33. fonzie @ fonzie:
    snoozeman strikes again
  34. O @ OMGClayAiken:
    SFT lets go
  35. nick nick:
  36. nick nick:
    Lucius @Lucius We Will Be In Touch With You Soon.
  37. ws @ ws:
    LOOK at my katarina winrate. Best Kat global
  38. иoobfounded. @ иoobfounded.:
    Thanks to everyone who came and played some SFT <3
  39. ws @ ws:
    shutUP EZ
  40. pichi @ pichi:
    Sft popping
  41. ez` @ ez`:
    ws @ws nice 39% wr on lux
  42. иoobfounded. @ иoobfounded.:
    SFT Popping
  43. Crazy @ Crazy:
  44. cockgobbler @ cockgobbler:
  45. Crazy @ Crazy:
    Just remember its not what the goverment can do for you. It's about what you can do for the government
  46. nick nick:
    chinese communist party
  47. franky @ franky:
  48. Crazy @ Crazy:
    Good chance
  49. nick nick:
    guess this community is run by people worse than the ccp
  50. nick nick:
    i cannot follow im a leader

Trouble in Terrorist Town


We're happy to announce the official release of Trouble in Terrorist Town. Also known as step two of Leah's plan.

1. Safeguarded by the Leah Code of Conduct. The Leah Code of Conduct is for the good and prosperity of all.

Add the server to your favorites:
IP: TTT.LeahGaming.com:27015

We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions. Have fun.

Newest Additions to LeahGaming


Just under three weeks ago while we were contemplating the addition of new top hat models to spice up Jailbreak, we got a message from ws @ws. She devised a plan. Lets call it Leah's plan. The basic outline of Leah's plan was:

1. Bring back a community favorite.
2. Expand.
3. Make incremental changes and improvements over time.

We liked the sound of it, we loved her outlook. She then expanded on it and orchestrated the next two LeahGaming servers.

1. Simpsons...