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Contributions are essential in keeping the servers and community running. We aim to make the community self sufficient, running fully through member contributions. By contributing a minimum of $10 to the costs of the community, you receive the following perks for a month for every $10 contributed.

1. Perks:
A. Exclusive chat tag of your choosing.​
B. Prisoner voice access.​
C. 3000 Quattro.​
D. Preset weapons (where applicable).​

2. Additional Perks: You may opt for Quattro in place of the monthly perks.
Contribution Amount
$5 USD​
$25 USD​
$50 USD​
$100 USD (Best Value)

3. How to Contribute:
A. Find your SteamID by going to your steam profile. Right click, and select "copy page URL".​
B. Submit the copied URL in​
C. Edit your account details and add your SteamID to your LeahGaming profile.​
D. Submit the contribution at the bottom of this page, include the chat tag you'd like to receive as a note.​

4. Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How soon after contributing will I receive the perks?
Contributions are manually processed, it could take up to one day to receive the perks.

Q: It's been over one day and I haven't received my perks?
Verify your SteamID and contact @Crazy for further assistance.

5. Terms & Conditions:
Donations are non refundable, nor a service level agreement (SLA). Any services or perks, expressed or implied are provided as a gift to the contributer. Any services or perks may be terminated or modified by LeahGaming for any or no reason, with or without prior notice or explanation, and without liability.

Quattro are of no monetary value. They are only a means to simulate a virtual economy within the game to enhance gameplay and give players a sense of pride and accomplishment. Claiming such perks to spend on the in game casino is against the terms of use (we highly recommend against attempting to circumvent this rule). They should only be used for shop items.

LeahGaming is not a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
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