Code of conduct

While we treat our fellow gamers with respect and friendship, the reality remains that the internet is not a civil place. The anonymity and the lack of social repercussions make it inevitable that you'll run into trolls or deem someone's opinion offensive. We ask you not to judge us based on the actions of a few.

As a be-all and end-all solution, we make sure to provide all the necessary tools on all our platforms for players to self-moderate. If an opinion bothers you or you do not enjoy what someone has to say, mute them and hit "ignore" on the forum. Blocking them completely blocks out any and all of their content.

Article I (Harassment)

Section 1: Hate speech, bigotry.

1. Hate speech is automatically filtered and replaced with asterisks throughout our platforms for simplicity and ease of moderation. If you attempt to circumvent it, you know what you're doing.
2. Discrimination is not welcome. That is prejudice against any particular group that most would deem unreasonable.

Section 2: Libel and ad hominem attacks

1. Constructive criticism is encouraged, towards the community, staff, members or otherwise. Attacking individuals themself is not. You don't need to insult others to discuss or disagree with their opinions.
2. Defamatory statements without a credible source are not welcome. You heard from -REDACTED- @this and @that members have done bad things is not a credible source. Nor are personal testimonials, or steam screenshots of said hearsay.

Article II (Content)

Section 1: Images and other media

1. Brutal, obscene or graphic content is not welcome. The community is for members of all ages.
2. Uploading or linking to illegal content is not welcome.

Article III (Enforcement)

Section 1: Penal code

1. If no reports are issued, or no complaints are made to staff, staff are to assume no harm was done.
2. The punishment must fit the crime. Staff will take action to put an end to the offense. Once achieved no further action will be taken.
3. Two strikes to serve as a warning. Subsequent offenses will lead to a penalty in accordance with Article III, Section 2 (Enforcement, Penalties).

Section 2: Penalties

1. Text or verbal harassment if staff is present and a complaint is made: 10 minute gag or mute.
2. Text or verbal harassment if no staff were present at the time of the offense: 24 hour gag or mute (first offense). 3 days gag or mute (second offense). 1 week gag or mute (subsequent offenses).
3. Circumventing filters: 24 hour gag or mute (first offense). 3 days gag or mute (second offense). 1 week gag or mute (subsequent offenses).

Final Notes

The code of conduct ensures the community remains a welcoming and enjoyable place for all members, however, no code is set in stone. We welcome through community discussion any requests to change or improve the code of conduct.