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  • Hey stevelah @stevelah . I've been thinking about you a lot lately. If I knew you in real life I would invite you out for lunch. These are the topics I would've liked to discuss with you, perhaps you could answer them here.

    1. If an anime was to be made about you, what super power would your durag have? Possibly a talking durag?

    Episode #1: You walk into a ramen resturant, you're talking to your durag and the chef thinks you're talking to her because it's just the two of you in there. You panic and she falls in love with you, becoming your love interest throughout the "Stevelah Sama" slice of life anime. In the last episode she gets to smell your durag.

    2. The way you speak of Azealia Banks has me thinking you know her personally. More than just a fan. Have you ever met her? Did she ever get to smell your durag?

    3. I might be using the wrong terminology here, but they say one in every four duragies stop duragging within six months. How true is that statement to you? Do you think you'll make it past six months? Why or why not?
    I'm looking forward to seeing the waves progress pictures whenever you take off the durag.
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    What's the story behind your avatar? I've seen a few of ws @ws ' friends ( imp @imp) use it.
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