1. Z @ Zixler #girlgam3rs:
  2. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    ivy @ivy ? Have you SEEN my nose??? Instead I got a sapphire as my 3rd eye.
  3. ivy @ ivy:
    Leahthal @Leahthal urs came out good, mine didn’t give me a nose 😂
  4. ivy @ ivy:
    sushi with spicy mayo
  5. J @ josh:
    I'm down for some sushi
  6. vindictive @ vindictive:
    Definitely, maybe some sushi tomorrow Crooked @Crooked
  7. Crooked @ Crooked:
    good times getting curry with vindictive @vindictive
  8. vindictive @ vindictive:
    Valorant today let’s get this bread
  9. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    ivy @ivy Thanks !!!
  10. ivy @ ivy:
    Selfie 2 Waifu! Get your own anime from selfie instantly. ( this website turns you into your own anime character, so cute
  11. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
  12. xs @ xs:
    strawberry shortcake
  13. ws @ ws:
    Good morning blake_won @blake_won and everyone else
  14. N @ Nomer3:
    no noob
  15. pichi @ pichi:
    Good morning ws ws @ws and everyone else
  16. blake_won @ blake_won:
    Good morning ws @ws and everyone else.
  17. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i can't leave eminem's song from my head
  18. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    Low ratings across the board...
  19. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    vindictive @vindictive According to RottenTomatoes, it's a "generic, toothless thriller both instantly predictable and instantly forgettable"
  20. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i cri bruv
  21. vindictive @ vindictive:
    Speaking of- obsessed with Beyoncé is a film worth watching
  22. franky @ franky:
    but the third time just makes u seem obsessed
  23. franky @ franky:
    was funny the first time you made that joke J @Jameson THE Savage
  24. Jihad @ Jihad:
  25. J @ Jameson THE Savage:
    the only thing you rob is a child's innocence
  26. fonzie @ fonzie:
    i been robbin mothafuckas since the slave ships!
  27. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    As long as this jailbreak can't populate, that's for sure.
  28. elzar @ elzar:
    Simp Gaming
  29. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    Jailbreak tonight?
  30. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    Dang this chat is slow today
  31. pichi @ pichi:
  32. vindictive @ vindictive:
    N @Nomer3 that video was bad
  33. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    Also can I be in the next meme video please?
  34. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    N @Nomer3 Turn net_graph off you cunt. You already have cl_showfps what more do you need. You aren't watching the gain during your strafes nor could you adjust them anyway. Look at the jumpstats like a human goddamn being Nomer.
  35. N @ Nomer3:
  36. N @ Nomer3:
    Awaiting approval before being displayed publicly.
  37. pichi @ pichi:
  38. vindictive @ vindictive:
  39. vindictive @ vindictive:
  40. pichi @ pichi:
  41. vindictive @ vindictive:
    Damn you guys and your internet lingo, I have no idea what the fuck jihad just said but I will take it as a hello so hello to you too
  42. Jihad @ Jihad:
  43. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    Morning LeahGamers!!!
  44. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    ivy @ivy I remember Milkman obviously.
  45. Crooked @ Crooked:
    had a blast playing multiplayer subnautica for the first time with my good ol' pal @nick
  46. ws @ ws:
    good morning everyone
  47. fonzie @ fonzie:
    i dont like this keikaku anymore
  48. N @ Nomer3:
  49. N @ Nomer3:
    nablus me store steam wallet 5 = 25 shakel
  50. N @ Nomer3:
    don't know you