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  1. dominic @ dominic:
    either way blake it’s getting real late in Cairo so I don’t want to bother you with this discourse, you’ll always be my slime wherever you good 😘
  2. dominic @ dominic:
    an old friend told me you can get a good look at a steak by sticking your head up a cows ass, or you can just take the developers word on it
  3. blake_won @ blake_won:
    I do remember AGers joining GirlGam3rs when it first started out, saying "AG is back". It's a matter of perspective.
  4. blake_won @ blake_won:
    Not at all, GirlGam3rs was different to AG. Likewise LeahGaming is its own community. It's the members, structure and so on that make a community, not just a developer.
  5. dominic @ dominic:
    not necessarily, a community is as good as it’s developer blake where ever you decide to go it will remain the same. Blake’s community with whomevers name he decides to put on it
  6. blake_won @ blake_won:
    Have you read the Leah Code of Conduct?
  7. blake_won @ blake_won:
    It's a completely different community. That's like saying GirlGam3rs is just an AG rebrand.
  8. dominic @ dominic:
    I think fonZies doing an exceptional job the only issue is since I’ve been running the night club I haven’t had much time to get back to my roots and enjoy a nice round of 1.6
  9. dominic @ dominic:
    if you’ve got a boat and start to replace the pieces slowly you’ve still got your same boat, changing the name of a community does not make it a new community but I see where you’re coming from
  10. blake_won @ blake_won:
    I know people see jailbreak dead and think fonzie @fonzie isn't even trying, but the fact he generated interest in the server in the first place at this stage of 1.6's life is incredible.
  11. blake_won @ blake_won:
    Crooked was never root here. As for GirlGam3rs, there was a time when it was much bigger, more than a one server community, but neither of you guys were around to remember it. Though he did put in effort during his time as root. So did the managers. CS 1.6 simply wasn't as dead as it is today.
  12. dominic @ dominic:
    I’ve been waiting to see him reinstated but unfortunately y’all want to remain stagnant
  13. dominic @ dominic:
    the only time this community thrived is during the crooked root era
  14. ws @ ws:
  15. blake_won @ blake_won:
    Hello ws @ws.
  16. nick @ nick:
  17. J @ josh:
    V this
  18. Crooked @ Crooked:
    feel free to complajn to gofundme why their refund policy hasnt kicked in
  19. CockSmuggler @ CockSmuggler:
    Crooked @Crooked still has my money, no refund has happened
  20. Z @ Zixler #girlgam3rs:
    As far as I know, the money should be refunded if withdrawal didn't happen within 90 days
  21. Z @ Zixler #girlgam3rs:
    I confirm this. I appreciate it a lot my friend joshie <3
  22. Z @ Zixler #girlgam3rs:
    J @josh: I'm the only one who successfully paid our friend zixler
  23. fonzie @ fonzie:
    mi burrito sabanero
  24. J @ josh:
    Crooked @Crooked is right, we struggled with trying to figure this out for a while LOL
  25. tJay @ tJay:
    2x 1/32
  26. Nomer3 @ Nomer3:
  27. Crooked @ Crooked:
    the only person capable of withdrawing the funds is someone with zixlers exact name that lives in canada and uses his email
  28. Crooked @ Crooked:
    let me grab me and zixlers chat logs from the archive, o wait
  29. Crooked @ Crooked:
    american or canadian account didnt make a difference in zixlers case, change the meme to zixler getting canadian citizenshio
  30. Crooked @ Crooked:
    i didnt do indepth research that you had to be in the same country where the gofundme started
  31. Crooked @ Crooked:
    im still out my $20
  32. Crooked @ Crooked:
    zixler is the sole beneficiary of the gofundme to this day
  33. Crazy @ Crazy:
    Crooked? Being shady about somthing? Never
  34. J @ josh:
    I'm the only one who successfully paid our friend zixler
  35. Z @ Zixler #girlgam3rs:
    the money was supposed to be returned but guess crooked scammed us all
  36. Z @ Zixler #girlgam3rs:
    the thing is, he made it on a canadian account thus I couldn't withdraw the money.
  37. franky @ franky:
    Crooked @Crooked wire it to me, i'll make sure it goes into non-alcoholic endeavors
  38. Z @ Zixler #girlgam3rs:
  39. ws @ ws:
  40. blake_won @ blake_won:
    Hello ws @ws.
  41. vindictive @ vindictive:
  42. blake_won @ blake_won:
    I didn't even notice the giveaway.
  43. Crooked @ Crooked:
    zixler still haa full access to the funds, once he sorts out american citizenship he can actually withdrawl it /shrug
  44. Crazy @ Crazy:
    Kinda like a fake gofundme?
  45. franky @ franky:
  46. Crooked @ Crooked:
    thats as silly as saying blake_won @blake_won is @Scout because he would never do a fake giveaway under the name "blake"
  47. franky @ franky:
    get where i'm going with this?
  48. franky @ franky:
    yes, he wouldn't play on lgk under the name "foo"
  49. Crooked @ Crooked:
    foo wouldnt play on LgK/Dark Signal
  50. franky @ franky:
    change my mind

African Snowshoes

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I'm going on a rant. Cause JB needs to happen. It needs to get populated.

The deal is. Some of us spent like 30-40 minutes trying to populate the server today. We got it to 17. Wrong CT joins, right away to 12. Maybe it was a coincidence. Probably.
And then It died the next map. "remove jail4ever already. Its such a mood killer, specially after my style of calling in jb snow and the freedom you have. Get this map and all others like it out of here. GET THEM OUT OF HERE. Its not even a fun map. At least JB_detox for a cheese map has some cool group games. iTS SO AGGRIVATING THAT THESE ADMINS I MESSAGE, "dont play this map right now" time and time again. Same result server dies. Having these cheese maps is ok. But like not more than 10 days. Even shorter if ct's are not using the map. Hard to rebel, not using the map = people leave.

I was calling days by my self for so long, I was working a big crowd on snow, even got LR a couple times. Impressive to say the least after so long of not playing. I'm not the only one, Even ninja <3 @ninja <3 is still shit on KZ. Sad days right.

I ask for 1 partner i get 3... Get them out of here staff. Get them outta here, off "my" team. El capitan. This man is asking for his grace. Give it to me. The work i just put in. No respect, seriously. If i dont want them, get them off my team. Has to be this way. As admin give them 1 or 3 chances. You guys gotta help me out. Help me smarten them up. Its not hard to stand in a good place and point a gun.
Not even admins will go on CT with some people cause its a waste of time. Why the fuck make me play with these guys. Use the brain.

Give me the CT block and kick CT and transfer to CT.. I'll run try outs

Staff need to make a stance and tell ct's lets go, play the map or your gone. We've been bored these last 3 days.
3 days is a long time to be bored if the rounds last long.
Staff need to be more strict and be a bit harsh with who they let on CT if their not going on them selves.
Ensure a fast paced game from the CT's. When its populated we should ensure the CT's playing keep it moving and not slow things right down.
Also Staff needs to talk. Take control, make mistakes but ensure a fun time ignoring the haters when your not perfect! Staff so scared, ( it seems like) They play it off like they dont care. If thats the case. Come on guys. What are we doing here.

Im not trying to toot my own horn. But if you go from my style. To mostly farts. If staff let people who call farts. I leave the server. Their not protecting leah's product. I'm not gunna sit there and watch the server die for 35 minutes when CT's dont try 70% of the time when I call days. Just shit ct in general. Its like sitting in a passenger seat with an annoying driver.

Out of the people that play, Theres only a few people that I would allow on my team. I just leave the server if the wrong person is on CT. My gaming time is important to me. I'd rather have fun than be irritated. I don't even want 1 minute of it. There is no chance, no seconds no nothing for some people.

Not everyone is thelongestnameyoucanthave @thelongestnameyoucanthave who can make you sit there with a constant smile and not do nothing. But he has his style. so its acceptable, its some what of a perfected craft. But i'll tell you right now. He's not accepted on my team unless he gives me his word that he will try, Then at least when he doesnt try. he's a man and will apologize.

96% of other people that think they have this type of style, don't play/include the whole crowd. Its boring.

HLTV | LeahGaming.com: 2006241913-jb_snow. Timestamp: 00:59:26.


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I'm really touched African Snowshoes @African Snowshoes. But I think what you're trying to say is - you don't like people who don't want to play Jailbreak. Or at least, the type of Jailbreak you believe is for the good and prosperity of all. Now, the thing that makes LeahGaming truly great is that it welcomes the people that don't want to play Jailbreak, as well as the people that do. This will no doubt effect the server - it's gameplay and population.

We, the one's who love Jailbreak, will always play Jailbreak - when we have a chance. Sometimes people play their version of Jailbreak. Sometimes, that turns people that love Jailbreak into people that don't want to play Jailbreak.

Now I'm sure that we would all love to play Jailbreak from now until the hour of our death, but the fact is, there are other things to do - none of them even close to as good as Jailbreak - this being beside the point. But people that make it easier to leave the server give the server an opportunity to take a break. Do you want your Jailbreak to become a studded turd that only has the opportunity to be the same thing 'til the end of time? Or would you much prefer it to flash like lightening and cause awe and wonder when it just goes right for everyone.

Obviously, we would prefer the consistency of the first option. But that's not what we get. The special occasion of a good hour of Jailbreak is what sets apart LeahGaming from every single place you will ever go in this world.

I, for one, do not fret for the community. As there seem to be people that just don't go away - new faces, old faces. And there's nothing like good Jailbreak.

I know the people that once loved Jailbreak, will always love Jailbreak. As long as it's really Jailbreak. ;)

African Snowshoes
African Snowshoes commented
thelongestnameyoucanthave commented
Honestly, African Snowshoes @African Snowshoes, I don't think a single person has ever stopped playing Jailbreak because they think it's fun. They stop because they can't play it anymore. They might even still want to, but they can't. There is something that tells them they can't. So, while your disagreement with how the server is run, as well as how the people play on it is completely valid, it is impossible to leave without a somewhat dirty taste in your mouth. Whether it's because your tongue has dried up, or you were being fed shit, or some other food by comparison seems tastier - you are leaving dissatisfied, in search of satisfaction. If your hope is to return to Jailbreak - because you know when it's cooked to perfection, it's like a savory slice of pan-fried Canadian bacon - you'll eat it again. But when it's someone else's turn to cook, you better be ready to eat raw vegetables... or walk away from the table.

Some would say it's a choice to stick around because the atmosphere at Le Restaurant Jailbreak is commandeering of their control of the food they so desire. Eating a steamed rat off a plate, they claim it is the finest steamed rat that ever danced across their pallet. And maybe that's what it is - something so atrocious to the outside world becoming a joy because of the manner that presented it to the recipient.

I tell you, some will even stay after the chef has run all out of ingredients, and all he has left is the water that seemingly endlessly runs from the tap. And after a long days work, the chef joins them, and they drink together for a brief time until they have to go home.

You see, nobody stays at Le Restaurant Jailbreak. Even the chef must go home and curse what he does for the sake of his wages - knowing it was all for naught. While he loves the food that he makes, and the faces that light up in it's reception, he is grim that he does it for himself and himself alone. He finds comfort knowing that while it is quite pointless, he will continue to find satisfaction, whether it is as a chef, or whatever other occupation may be lit up along his path.

But know this - dark days indeed come upon Le Restaurant Jailbreak. The atmosphere is filled with the unpleasant aroma of savages smoking on bar stools. The floors are left sticky by underwhelming staffers. It is up to you then: Are you, in uproar, going to protest the entirety of the now sullied Le Restaurant Jailbreak? Or will you sit there and wait for a better tomorrow.

I will say your best judgement of tomorrow, is today. What are you doing today? Have you managed to walk around the sticky floors to circumnavigate to the section of the the establishment that smoke has not reached? Have you decided you will sit outside and tolerate the heat? Are you planning on opening your own Le Restaurant Jailbreak? Have all these options failed you?

Or are you just trying to exercise the authority given to you for selfish gain.

I will tell you, every time you think because you are the best ct - yes you are. earned that titled in my book - that everything is going to stop because "I EARNED THE #1 CT SPOT" you are sorely mistaken. Do you think you earn grace and mercy through hard work and determination, El Capitan? Grace and mercy is never earned. If you plea for it and get it, you're just sucking another dude's dick to get what you want. So, why don't you pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease...

A. Go find another server

B. Complain cause you're allowed to

C. Take care of what you love because you love it or

D. Change it because you hate it
African Snowshoes
African Snowshoes commented
step up your game when there is population. Seeing the end result when admins dont take action has happened to many times with a populated server when we finally get the ball rolling.

We should be able to stretch it and keep interest for at least four maps


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Sounds like Trump's plan to save the economy against China.
To me it also sounds like you want some power on things ONCE AGAIN. Then you going to merge with GC and LS, so then I will be perm banned, then it wont work because this is not a solution, and then you will split and rebrand, and therefore, you would get ready to sell anything from LG.
If you think you got the magic power, spray it on your own server idiot.
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African Snowshoes
African Snowshoes commented
Weird assumptions.


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You're taking the wrong approach. I know you made that long post because you actually care about the state of the server, but you should've left out half of what you said.

The point you're trying to make is, "Get rid of the bad guards. The bad guards kill the server". A valid point. A point server managers failed to address time and time again. I've said this before but Jailbreak is not about the plugins, it's about the guards.

@Server Manager should work with guards like yourself, thelongestnameyoucanthave @thelongestnameyoucanthave and so on to rebuild the server.

1. You have to hold people accountable at this stage of CS 1.6's life if you still want 1.6 Jailbreak to go anywhere. i.e name and shame the bad guards.

2. A solution is a whitelist. A guard whitelist. The server is dead. The good guard perk didn't seem to change much even though It allows you to take away warden and even assign it to a different player.

If you're not in the whitelist you can't join the guard team unless no whitelisted players are guards. If a whitelisted guard joins the guard team, all non-whitelisted guards are transferred back to the prisoners team.

That requires @Server Manager @Server Head Administrator and @Server High Administrator to keep an eye out on good guards to whitelist them, even if they don't request to be whitelisted. However, it's not as big of an issue as it might seem. The server isn't getting new players all the time, CS 1.6 is essentially a dead game. Do or die.
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Zixler #girlgam3rs commented
TLDR : LeahGaming is :poop:


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blake_won commented
They have every tool imaginable. The creative guards use the tools to be creative. The tools themself don't make uncreative guards any more creative. If anything, some of the tools mask the bad guards. Guards that do nothing but cage activities.

You can post a multimod server suggestion in the suggestions section if you'd like.


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The Gaethjency
ok im over it
next topic of dicussion: Stanley Kubrick films, what are your top 5????

For me it's
1. A Clockwork Orang3
2. Full Metal Alchemist
3. The Shiny
4. ????
5. ??????
60000000000000000000000000000000000000001. 2001 a super mario odyssey


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I can revive this server... I choose my new Administrator, Foo.
fonzie commented
blake_won commented
Foo would be a game changer. I don't think he plays 1.6 if he hasn't joined by now.
Crooked commented
foo was online playing 1.6 today, we were playing fy_snow the other day actually

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