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  1. Z @ Zixler #girlgam3rs:
  2. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    ivy @ivy ? Have you SEEN my nose??? Instead I got a sapphire as my 3rd eye.
  3. ivy @ ivy:
    Leahthal @Leahthal urs came out good, mine didn’t give me a nose 😂
  4. ivy @ ivy:
    sushi with spicy mayo
  5. J @ josh:
    I'm down for some sushi
  6. vindictive @ vindictive:
    Definitely, maybe some sushi tomorrow Crooked @Crooked
  7. Crooked @ Crooked:
    good times getting curry with vindictive @vindictive
  8. vindictive @ vindictive:
    Valorant today let’s get this bread
  9. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    ivy @ivy Thanks !!!
  10. ivy @ ivy:
    Selfie 2 Waifu! Get your own anime from selfie instantly. ( this website turns you into your own anime character, so cute
  11. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
  12. xs @ xs:
    strawberry shortcake
  13. ws @ ws:
    Good morning blake_won @blake_won and everyone else
  14. N @ Nomer3:
    no noob
  15. pichi @ pichi:
    Good morning ws ws @ws and everyone else
  16. blake_won @ blake_won:
    Good morning ws @ws and everyone else.
  17. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i can't leave eminem's song from my head
  18. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    Low ratings across the board...
  19. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    vindictive @vindictive According to RottenTomatoes, it's a "generic, toothless thriller both instantly predictable and instantly forgettable"
  20. Jihad @ Jihad:
    i cri bruv
  21. vindictive @ vindictive:
    Speaking of- obsessed with Beyoncé is a film worth watching
  22. franky @ franky:
    but the third time just makes u seem obsessed
  23. franky @ franky:
    was funny the first time you made that joke J @Jameson THE Savage
  24. Jihad @ Jihad:
  25. J @ Jameson THE Savage:
    the only thing you rob is a child's innocence
  26. fonzie @ fonzie:
    i been robbin mothafuckas since the slave ships!
  27. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    As long as this jailbreak can't populate, that's for sure.
  28. elzar @ elzar:
    Simp Gaming
  29. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    Jailbreak tonight?
  30. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    Dang this chat is slow today
  31. pichi @ pichi:
  32. vindictive @ vindictive:
    N @Nomer3 that video was bad
  33. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    Also can I be in the next meme video please?
  34. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    N @Nomer3 Turn net_graph off you cunt. You already have cl_showfps what more do you need. You aren't watching the gain during your strafes nor could you adjust them anyway. Look at the jumpstats like a human goddamn being Nomer.
  35. N @ Nomer3:
  36. N @ Nomer3:
    Awaiting approval before being displayed publicly.
  37. pichi @ pichi:
  38. vindictive @ vindictive:
  39. vindictive @ vindictive:
  40. pichi @ pichi:
  41. vindictive @ vindictive:
    Damn you guys and your internet lingo, I have no idea what the fuck jihad just said but I will take it as a hello so hello to you too
  42. Jihad @ Jihad:
  43. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    Morning LeahGamers!!!
  44. Leahthal @ Leahthal:
    ivy @ivy I remember Milkman obviously.
  45. Crooked @ Crooked:
    had a blast playing multiplayer subnautica for the first time with my good ol' pal @nick
  46. ws @ ws:
    good morning everyone
  47. fonzie @ fonzie:
    i dont like this keikaku anymore
  48. N @ Nomer3:
  49. N @ Nomer3:
    nablus me store steam wallet 5 = 25 shakel
  50. N @ Nomer3:
    don't know you


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The Gaethjency

LeahGaming | * Jailbreak:

Hello Leahgamers,

We have just put the last finishing touches on the new JB. This marks the start of a new and exciting chapter for us. Keep in mind the server is still pretty new so if you encounter any oddities/glitches please let Crazy @Crazy , blake_won @blake_won, Lucius @Lucius or myself know so we can make fix them expeditiously.

We've been working tirelessly to bring you guys a new experience that takes some cool TTT elements and adds them into a classic feeling JB, just like the good old days. To coincide with the server’s release a handful of admins have already been assigned but fear not, admin applications will remain open. The server will feature never before seen games and content that we are excited to share with you!

Some of the new features you can expect to see are:
  • TTT style xp leveling system
  • 5 gangs, including the long-anticipated CT gang!
  • Unique gang themed skins
  • 3rd person cam
  • Star Wars style dueling (jk but DUELING)
  • yoshiiiiiiiiiii
I hope you’re all excited as we are to begin playing and grinding up to get all the sick new unlocks. But don’t worry, by grinding I only mean shedding off any last bit of Corona cells you’ve got by staying indoors. So get ready get set to enter a new era of jailbreak, from here to eternity!

Hustle, Loyalty, Respect.

fonzie @fonzie
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Zixler #girlgam3rs

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This is your server manager? It's like you guys aren't even trying anymore. While you're at it, might as well give him IP access so he can find his "friends" easier.
Jameson can we please get over this already? girlgam3rs was closed for a reason. Let's not mention the past and let us move on. Please man.

as for fonzie @fonzie and the rest of the team, congratulations! Let's some have some fun again.

I can't wait to go back to my home cpuntry so I can finally have aa computer and play all day all time with ya.

P.S : Who is Lucius @Lucius ?
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How do we know what each gang represents or looks like ?
There is an in depth gang guide coming soon, but to answer your question,

The Mafia gang is all about gaining Quattro. When those big chests spawn, a mafia ability allows you to unlock them for huge amounts of Quattro. (my first gang by the way)

The Legion is all about dealing damage, and the abilities are all to boost the overall damage that you can deal.

The Y.E.T.I gang is Alien themed, passive regen and health(alein powers), low gravity, teleportation, the whole 9 yards.

Last but not least, the Otaku 137 gang is all about stealth. They have smoke bombs, ninja stars, and wall climb.

We are always open to suggestions, and are looking forward to everyone unlocking the abilities.

Stay tuned for the gang guide thread.

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